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Seeking more than just a vacation?

Embark on a journey beyond imagination with National Geographic Expeditions, where every step is a discovery and every moment is an opportunity to connect with the world’s wonders. 

Explore captivating destinations intimately with smaller group sizes, hands-on activities, and meaningful encounters. Whether it’s a Signature Land Expedition, a Private Jet Expedition, a Cruise Expedition or a Family Journey, we invite you to embark on a shared adventure that will leave your family with unforgettable memories and a renewed sense of wonder.

Create Family Legends,
Jet-Set to Uncharted Realms or
Embark on Signature Land Expeditions

Signature Land Expeditions: Delve Deep into Destinations

Uncover the essence of history, culture, and natural heritage through National Geographic Signature Land Expeditions. Accompanied by National Geographic Experts, these fully planned itineraries promise an in-depth exploration, complemented by captivating presentations and informal discussions. Become a part of the story as you venture into the heart of each destination.

Private Jet Expeditions: Soar to New Heights in Luxury

Jet-set to extraordinary destinations with ease on a National Geographic Private Jet Expeditions. From Machu Picchu to the Serengeti Plain, experience the world in exceptional comfort. A team of top-notch experts and National Geographic researchers ensures a seamless, luxurious journey. Explore far-flung realms with the care of dedicated expedition staff and flight crew.

Family Journeys: Curious Families, Curious Minds

National Geographic Family Journeys, created in partnership with G Adventures promise an exhilarating blend of experiences. Dive into spellbinding destinations, sharing not just moments but memories to last forever. Specifically designed for families with children aged 7 to 17, these small-group adventures are the perfect way to discover the world together. Unleash the thrill, laughter, and wonder as you embark on a journey that transforms ordinary family time into an extraordinary adventure.

Expedition Cruises: Sail to Pristine Paradises

From Antarctica to Alaska, National Geographic Expedition Cruises, operated with Lindblad Expeditions, take you to the most remote and pristine places on the planet. Travel aboard National Geographic-Lindblad fleet, accompanied by a dynamic expedition team of photographers, marine biologists, historians, or naturalists. Each itinerary is designed with built-in flexibility, allowing opportunity to seize the moment with wildlife sightings and embrace spontaneous encounters.

Unleash Your Family's Epic Adventure

Let the journey begin! Unlock a world of excitement and discovery for your family with a National Geographic Expedition. Start your epic adventure now.

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