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walt disney world marathon weekend

Runners Square for runDisney Events

By Dream Maker
Runners Square Package is the ultimate way to prepare for your race. Here you can warm up and fuel up before your event. Also, cool down, stretch out and refuel after the race. I purchased Runner Square for the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2020, I will explain what you need to know and if it is worth the extra cost to your event.

Runner’s Square is a VIP area for racers (who have purchased it) and includes:

  • Special open-air pre-race and post-race location
  • Pre-race continental breakfast
  • Stretching green 
  • Table and chairs and shade area
  • Exclusive starting line walk-out
  • Dedicated “gEAR check” station and Port-O-Lets
  • Celebratory Photo Moment and commemorative gift
  • Special post-race treats and beverages

I made the last-minute decision to purchase the Runner Square for the marathon at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2020. Here’s why: 

  1. You want to be at the race start area by 3:30 am! Even though the race will not start until 5:30 am. I knew would defiantly take advantage of the VIP area and breakfast. 
  2. The Stretching Green is better than the parking lot pavement. 
  3. The walk to the start line would add more miles to the 26.2 I was about to run.
  4. This was my first marathon & I thought it would be a nice treat. 

You need to get the wrist band at the Race Expo, no wrist band, no entry on race day. I picked up mine on the same day I got my bib and race items. 

On race day, I arriving at Epcot at 3:15 am I headed to the Runners Square area for a coffee and a lite snack. The square was easy to find and so nice to relax in. The continental breakfast included all-you-care-to-enjoy coffee, tea, cold water, hot water, fruit, bagels, cream cheese, PB & Jam. I am a runner who needs to eat before a run so this was lovely. I was able to sit (on a chair) and clam my self before the run and away from the crowds. I used the VIP Port-O-Lets without a line and stretching on the AstroTurf, which was way better than the dirty cold pavement. The walk to the start corrals was easer than other Run Disney events, however nothing special. 

After the hottest race I have ever done, it was so nice to relax in the shade and comfort of the Runner Square before meeting up with my family. The cast members came around to check on racers and hand out extra refreshments. It was an excellent experience.

Overall, I loved the Runners Square. My favorite things that the Runners Square offered were the private Port-O-Lets, race gEAR drop off and pick up, medical tent, and cast members. This eliminated the line ups and the waiting, that I just can not stand. It made the race feel less crowed (with 22,000 racers) and it was a wonderful add- on to my first marathon. I will be using it again anytime I go to Disney for Half Marathons and Full Marathons. 

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